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What I do

Some examples of my work:

Literature and non-fiction

‘The Netherlands and European Integration’ (2020) by Mathieu Segers, AUP, Amsterdam

‘Blood Rush’ (2020) by Jan Verplaetse, Reaktion Books, London

‘Pluses and Minuses’ by Stefan Buijsman, Random House, London (forthcoming July 2020).

‘Revolt in the Netherlands’ (2018) by Anton van der Lem, Reaktion Books, London

‘Under the Knife’ (2018) by Arnold van de Laar, Hodder & Stoughton, London

‘Dreamers’ (2018) by Cornelis van den Berg, Butterfield Press, UK (limited edition).

The Planet Hunters‘, by Lucas Ellerbroek (2017), Reaktion Books, London.

The Way of the Iceman by Wim Hof and Koen de Jong (2017), Dragon Door Publications, Little Canada, USA

‘Life on Two Wheels’ by Sjaak Lucassen, R1 Goes Extreme, 2016

‘Mobilizing Labour for the Global Coffee Market’ (2015) by Jan Breman, Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam.

‘The Low Sky’ by Han van der Horst (8th edition 2016), Scriptum, Schiedam. This book, originally published in 1996, has sold more than 40,000 copies.

‘Liberia: From the ideal of freedom to paradise lost’  (2015) by Fred van der Kraaij, African Studies Centre, Leiden.

‘The Making of a Man (2015) by Maxim Februari, Reaktion Books, London.

‘Deep Space: Beyond the Solar System to the End of the Universe and the Beginning of Time’ (2014) by Govert Schilling, Black Dog & Leventhal, New York.

‘The Encyclopedia of Liars and Deceivers’ (2014) by Roelf Bolt, Reaktion Books, London.

‘Why Hell Stinks of Sulfur’ (2013) by Salomon Kroonenberg, Reaktion Books, London.

‘How James Watt Invented the Copier’ (2012), by René Schils, Springer, New York.

In Byron’s Footsteps (2011) by Tessa de Loo, Haus/The Armchair Traveller, London.

Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries (2011) by Govert Schilling, Springer, New York.

The Hunt for Planet X (2009) by Govert Schilling, Springer, New York.

Several books for Professor Jan Breman of the University of Amsterdam on poverty in India, including ‘The Making and Unmaking of an Industrial Working Class’, ‘The Poverty Regime in Village India’and ‘Working in the Mill No More’, published by Oxford University Press.

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