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‘I loved working together with Andy on the translation of my book. Andy was quick, precise and easy to communicate with. It didn’t feel like work; this felt like fun!’

Roanne van Voorst, author of ‘Fear! How extreme athletes achieve their goals and overcome stress and anxiety’

‘I look back with pleasure on working together with Andy Brown on the English translation of my book. Andy familiarised himself with the period and in the specifics of the jargon in a short time. He is an accurate translator who works closely with the author, without imposing his own style on the book. He was also resolute in rejecting my suggestions if he felt that they were not good English – consequently, I also learned a lot from him. If only the people of the Netherlands had as much support from Queen Elizabeth I during the Eighty Years’ War as I had from Andy!’

Anton van der Lem, author of ‘Revolt in the Netherlands’

‘A talented new literary translator has entered the scene: Andy Brown. I’m delighted with his translation of In Byron’s Footsteps, which has received a great deal of praise from my contacts in the English-speaking world. Andy has an unfailing sense of the subtle differences between near-synonyms and of the proper use of irony (two very thorny issues). What is more, his translation has a contemporary feel while conveying all the subtleties of the source text. He possesses the patience, creativity and precision that are the essential qualifications of a good translator.’

Tessa de Loo, author of ‘Een Varken in het Paleis’, published in English as ‘In Byron’s Footsteps’

‘Andy is not only an accurate and reliable translator, especially when the subject matter is quite specialised, but also very enjoyable to work with.’

Govert Schilling, author of ‘The Hunt for Planet X’, ‘The Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries’ and ‘Deep Space’

‘Working with Andy is a great pleasure. Both his professional attitude and  experience as a writer contributes to high quality work on brief that always gets delivered on time. Andy is an expert with demanding clients and working under pressure. His knowledge and experience as a writer means that he can sculpt clean simplicity from the most difficult of texts. I try to work with Andy any chance I can get!’

Sue Cowell, Atomo Design

‘In the spring of 2010 Andy turned Einstein’s refrigerator into James Watt’s copier. He was quick to comprehend the scientific material in the book. And he explained his translation choices very clearly, which was not only useful but also very educational. In short, a successful translation!’

René Schils, author of ‘Einsteins Koelkast’

‘Andy worked for IRC for about a year to help produce Source South Asia, a newsletter co-funded by UNICEF. He was quick to adapt to the required format and writing style, and always met deadlines. I would recommend Andy to anyone needing an English native-speaking editor for a news service on international development issues.’

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